The Forest and The Trees


There is the big picture and then the details. Can you see the forest and the trees. In the person of Jesus God demonstrates the magnitude of His grace. In the teachings of Jesus God communicates the practical brilliance of His wisdom. Take this teaching on humility for example. Jesus says, "God blesses those who are humble. They will inherit the earth" (Matthew 5 NLT). Without humility our pride will rule our hearts and we will never know the rewards of the eternal King. But if you chose humility no circumstance or assignment will be too low for you. You will inherit the earth.

Before I began my ministry at Faith UCC I spent a brief time serving as a barista at a ubiquitous coffee shop. Everyone was nice enough but my pride kept telling me that my graduate level education made me "better than this". I went to work but it felt like a waste of my time. Each day I suffered more. Then I listened to this teaching of Jesus. I chose humility. I confessed that I was a "city on a hill", that is, planted right where God wanted me. This changed everything. My time at work now had purpose. I was there to be salt and light. I began to see that the trees were part of a forest. Big picture in the details.

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