Officiating a wedding in RI

Prayer Vigil for Orlando Shooting 2016

Pastor Scott and his wife Hanna on vacation in Boston

Pastor Scott Simmons

I began my ministry at Faith UCC at the beginning of 2016. My wife Hanna and I were immediately taken by the warmth and kindness of the congregation. Since I began, I have focused on magnifying this natural gift of our church. My hope is to have so much love shared among us that new people feel compelled to join us. Jesus teaches that his followers will be known by their love. I am committed to leading people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, so that they can learn to love like Jesus loved.

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Rita Davis

Administrative Assistant

"Faith UCC lucked out when they hired Rita. She is smart, trustworthy and full of life. She is a life time learner with a Christ-like heart." - Pastor Scott. Rita serves as the hub for our church community. If you need information, want to schedule an activity or reach Pastor Scott, contact her at or call 317-784-4156. She is in the office on Monday - Thursday 9 am  to 1 pm.

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