Window to see

For they will see...

We look out into the world through windows. When the window is clean we can see many things. When our window is unwashed the dirt obstructs our view.

Jesus teaches that, "God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God" (Matthew 5:8 NLT). Keep your window clean and you will see it all.

What creates an unclean window?

Let us consider two kinds of dirt. The first is pride. This is a matter of denying that your window needs to be washed. Pride causes much dirt to be overlooked. The second is fear. In this case the dirt itself overwhelms you. You fear you could never keep your window clean so you do not attempt to wash.

The ministry of Jesus begins with a washing in the river Jordan followed by a deep clean in the desert. Even the clearest window needs to be cleaned. Throughout his ministry, when the dirt of pride and fear begin to build up, Jesus retreats to a solitary place to clean his window. He knows that in order to keep God in view he must attend to the purity of his heart.

For years this teaching did not move me.

I thought to have a pure heart you must never think impure things. And this made me a lost cause. But then I connected the dots. Jesus taught about pure hearts because he demonstrated what we can do to gain pure hearts. In his baptism in the river Jordan he showed that the first step is repentance. We conquer our pride when we recognize our need to be washed. In his forty days in the desert he demonstrated the depth at which we must confront our fears. We defeat our demons when we face them. And in his regular prayer life Jesus shows us how to stay connected to the Father. Through the periodic cleansing of deep prayer we keep our hearts pure and keep God as the picture.

Blessed are those who keep their windows washed.


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