Food & Clothing Pantry

We host two food pantries each month. On the first Friday of every month from 5:00 to 7:00 PM we host a free Fresh Food Pantry. There will be a variety of fresh foods available. If you are in need, you are welcome.

On the 3rd Saturday of every month from 9:00 to 11:00 AM we host a free food and clothing pantry for anyone who is in need. No questions asked.

The process for the Saturday pantry is simple. Enter the glass doors on the North Side of the building.

Food Pantry Entry Doors

You will find food item sheets on the tables inside. Fill one out and give it to a volunteer. We will do our best to meet your request. While you wait, there is breakfast, coffee and free clothes to chose from. Currently, we have a lot of children's clothes. Church members and our pastor, Scott Simmons, can be found visiting with guests. Our hope is to create an atmosphere of love and hospitality where people walk away with food in their bellies, groceries in their arms and encouragement in their hearts.

Several of our food pantry guests have also become church members. We invite you to join us for worship at 10:30 AM on Sunday.

Any questions about serving in the food pantry or receiving emergency food can be directed to our office at