Where we are going and how we are getting there.

Vision: A church that loves like Jesus.

Churches are often divided across lines of conservatives vs. liberals, gays vs. straights, churched vs. unchurched and young vs. old. Our vision is to unit people for the single purpose of loving like Jesus for many generations to come.

Mission: To lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe that everyone is called to servant leadership. We are leading others and ourselves toward a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. What grows is our faith or trust in the good news that God loves all of us. This good news was taught and lived by Jesus Christ. It changed the world and it will transform you.

Value: Intentional Relationship: inviting and investing in others. Life giving relationships don’t just happen. They require invitation and intentional investment. Just look at Jesus, he invited twelve people to follow him and spent the next three years investing in them. Here at Faith UCC we value making intentional investments in relationships.

Value: Growing Faithfulness: trusting and following God . Change is a constant that is often beyond our control. This is why we need faith. Jesus taught that faith is doing what you know to do and trusting God to do what only God can do. Faith is a skill that you can grow and it will change your life and our world. Here at Faith UCC we value the benefits that a growing faith provides.

Value: Servant Leadership: seeing and doing what needs to be done. We believe life is not about us. It is about loving God by serving others. This understanding is the starting point to being truly happy and free. Jesus led others by feeding, healing and helping them. Here at Faith UCC we value people who lead by going first in the service of others.



Do you want to know more? 

Below are some more thoughts on how our core values function. After much discussion we arrived at two categories: Aspects, which are expressions of the values, and Outcomes, which are results from practicing the values.  


Intentional relationships: inviting and invested in others.

  1. Aspects
    1. Hospitality: attentiveness to the experience of others.
    2. Trustworthy: consistent integrity earns confidence.
    3. Accepting: we chose to be open hearted to everyone.
  1. Outcome
    1. Sensitivity: knowing others comes before caring for others.
    2. Excitement: it is fun when you are with people you know.
    3. Teamwork: teams develop as relationships are established.
    4. Growth: individuals and communities grow when relationships grow.

Growing faithfulness: trusting and following God.

  1. Aspect
    1. Devotion: faithful leaders spend time with God.
    2. Passion: faithful leaders intentional invest in their growth.
    3. Genuine: we do what we really believe is true.
    4. Failure: commitment to success requires willingness to risk
  1. Outcome
    1. Relevant: a changing world needs people who intentionally change.
    2. Humor: laughter happens when you learn to let go of what you don’t control.
    3. Comfortable: faith frees you from that which once hindered you.

Servant leadership: seeing and doing what needs to be done.

  1. Aspects
    1. Big Picture Thinking: leaders connect the dots between little and big things.
    2. Intentional: leaders plan and decide. They know their destination.
    3. Proactive: leaders don’t sit on the sidelines.
    4. Courage: leading requires leaning over the edge
  1. Outcomes
    1. Contagious: a clear destination and compelling strategy create attraction.
    2. Simplicity: when the course has been charted there are fewer surprises.
    3. Harmony: when expectations are defined, conflict declines.
    4. Creative: clear boundaries of authority and responsibility make room for creativity.