About Pastor Scott

I was born in St. Louis, Mo in 1979. My family moved to St. Charles, a Chicago suburb, in 1986 just after the Bears won the Super Bowl. This is why I am a Bears fan (although I have love for the Colts too). Dad was tax executive for R.R. Donnelley & Sons for almost two decades. Mom created a beautiful home for my big sister Shannon and I. We attended a United Methodist Church in neighboring town and I took part in their annual youth mission trip, the Appalachian Service Project. I played football and wrestled in High School, got average grades and occasionally stayed out of trouble.

I attended University of Missouri where I earned a degree in Sociology and Peace Studies. During this time I worked on a construction crew, a kitchen crew and was a member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity. After nearly failing out of school in my sophomore year I found my inner student and began to truly learn. It was during this time that I read the New Testament and offered my life over to God in prayer. I was as surprised as anyone to find myself considering seminary upon graduation. I loved Jesus by this point but wasn’t quite sure I was a “Christian”.

Soon I was working toward a Masters of Divinity degree at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary on the North side of Chicago. I thrived in the classroom and loved the theology but was not sure I wanted to be a parish pastor. In 2006 I started serving Northminster Presbyterian Church as their part-time youth pastor. I stayed for nine wonderful years. During this period I began taking youth and adults on the Appalachian Service Project. Over the course of nine years we grew from 22 volunteers to 90 volunteers. The spiritual growth of us volunteers was even greater!

After graduating I was hired by the seminary to create a nontraditional approach to evangelism and outreach. I was also accepted in the inaugural cohort of the new MDiv Plus program. Over the course of three years I learned leadership from a team of professors from Garrett-Evangelical and Northwestern’s Kellogg Business School. During this time I opened the Coffee Lab, a social enterprise coffee house in Evanston IL. Our mission was to connect seminarians with the public through hospitality and presence. Many in the community were left with a new and better impression of Christianity after visiting us. After two years of leading that effort, I felt a strong call to ordained parish ministry. I left my position with the seminary in the spring of 2012 to pursue the ordained ministry in the UCC in Chicago. The first step was to meet the denominational requirement for Clinical Pastoral Education. I chose to serve a nonprofit called The Night Ministry. For 9 months I was a chaplain on the streets at night caring for the homeless, hungry and hurting in the most impoverished neighbors of Chicago. This brought tremendous growth to my soul.

In June of 2014 I moved to Indiana with my 4 year old daughter, Sophie, the goal was to be close to my sister’s family and my parents. The desire was for Sophie to grow up with her cousins. The plan worked successfully as we live 3 doors down from them. Mission accomplished! When I moved to Indianapolis I was working as a Resident Chaplain at IU Health Hospital, all the Intensive Care units and a three month assignment to the pediatric cancer and heart units at Riley Hospital. I have cared for people at the height of crisis and misery. In August of 2015 I finished my residency and received an endorsement from the Indiana-Kentucky Conference for ordination. A year later I was ordained as Pastor and Teacher in the United Church of Christ.