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August 4th through September 1st

What does it look like to live fully in the midst of lions? How can you learn to survive and thrive in a world filled with danger? Jesus teaches us to not be afraid. Daniel gives us a picture of what this looks like.

The book of Daniel offers a picture of how you can live a good and faithful life in the midst of violence, injustice and corruption. Daniel is one of many captured Israelites who are taken in bondage to Babylon. He is made to work for his captors and serves them well. Despite his attempts to live peacefully trouble continues to find him and his friends. At the height of this story, Daniel is thrown into a lion’s den and survives. God is able to protect him from the beasts.

Jesus and the early church were influenced by Daniel’s story and his visions. From Daniel they learned how to have a hope that motivates faithfulness in the midst of danger. God has made this hope is available to you in this place and in this time.  

Learn about two of the key themes of the Book of Daniel in these videos from The Bible Project.


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