Core Values

New Sermon Series


On Christmas Eve we will celebrate the birth of the king who changed the world and who can change your life. This is no ordinary king. Most kings take more from you than they give to you. This king is the opposite. He wants something for you, not from you.

The gospels of Matthew and Mark summarize Jesus’ message this way, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.” Heaven is not reserved for the afterlife. God’s rule is here and now. Throughout his ministry, Jesus preached about the nature of God’s Kingdom and how you can be part of it. This series focuses on the Gospel of Matthew and the Sermon on the Mount.

This series began on November 17 and will run until December 24.




Worship Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM

4040 E. Thompson Rd. Indianpolis

Watch the video below to sample a sermon